Sunday, November 11, 2018

On the Extraterrestrial Highway

Bob and I took our time leaving Nellis AFB, as we were planning to take a leisurely drive on Extraterrestrial Highway and possibly stop at Rachel, Nevada for the night. As usual, that is not what happened. Yes, we did drive the ET highway, yes, we did stop in Rachel, but no we didn't spend the night.

Our first stop was the black mailbox. You can write a letter to an alien and mail it in this box! It looks like it is in the middle of no where....and it is!
Bob and I both sent letters, but so far we haven't gotten any replies.
 The next stop was in Rachel, Nevada, just beyond the sign for the highway.
 Of course, the restaurant was Little A'Le'Inn. Bob and I ate lunch at the Inn. He had an alien burger and I had a saucer burger. Both were very good.
 The parking lot had spots for aliens and earthlings, but you had to park your own vehicle---there was no valet.
 I think this guy parked illegally right before we arrived.
 Inside the Inn, there was anything and everything alien as well as earthling memorabilia hanging from the ceiling.
Since it was still early in the day, and we had seen ALL of Rachel, Nevada, Bob and I continued on our way to Tonopah. It would be an overnighter so we chose to stay at Banc Club Casino and Chinese Restaurant. We got Sol settled in at the casino and we headed to Tonopah Brewing Company. Besides having a beer, we added another sticker to our collection on our living room slide.

The next morning, Bob and I were in a quandary as to where we should go next. After studying the map and checking temperatures it was decided that we would head south toward Beatty, Nevada. Our plan was to fill Sol and then go into Death Valley. Well, once again we were foiled! The first gas station in Beatty had diesel, but a technician was working on the diesel pump. The only other station in Beatty only took cash or debit cards. We choose not to use debit cards when traveling and we didn't want to deplete our cash--Sol was really hungry. Soooo, we continued down the road to Pahrump, Nevada. There we found diesel for much less than in Beatty. Since the Escapee Park--Pair-A-Dice is located in Pahrump, we decided to stay for a few night. It is only for Escapee members and we are members. The park was full so we had to boondock near the office. We found brochures with ideas of things to do in the area so it was time to make some plans.

Stay tuned to read about our adventures in the next edition of Where in the USA RV!

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