Monday, March 28, 2016

Okay, Time to Head Home...Ocober, 2015

Bob and I decided to head home from Siloam Springs. The distance didn't work well with our usual travel plans of 150-200 miles a day, then rest and explore for a few days, but we did our best. Our first stop was boondocking in the parking lot of Harlow's Casino on the Mississippi River just east of the Mississippi/Arkansas border. We spent one night then it was on to Demopolis, Alabama. Demopolis is a nice little town with quite a few antebellum mansions. Our stop in Demopolis was at the Army Corps of Engineer Campground nearest to town. We spent two nights. During the day we did some geocaching. From Demopolis, we traveled to Three Rivers State Park in north Florida. The campground is near Sneads. As the weekend was approaching, we could only stay one night...the campground was full for the weekend. So, on October 23, seven months after we started our Alaskan adventure, we arrived home.

Now, we have done a lot of traveling in the Windsport, putting 120,000 miles on the odometer. After this trip, we decided it was time to purchase a new motorhome. We had been looking for over a year. The criteria for the new motorhome were:
1. Not too long for our RV garage
2. Not too tall for our RV garage
3. Room for 6 batteries for solar power
4. Floor plan that met our needs
5. Diesel pusher

After making the decision to go ahead with plans for a new motorhome, we went to Camping World in St. Augustine to look at an Itasca/Winnegago Solei. No matter what else we looked at, we kept coming back to the Solei. At first we looked at the 34T, but we didn't like the couch/table set-up. Every 36 G we looked at had a king size bed, which we didn't want. Finally, we asked for a price on exactly what we wanted in the 36G Solei. The model number is deceiving as the coach is actually 37' 11' long. We were quoted a price that we couldn't turn down so we put in our order!

We also knew that we couldn't keep two motorhomes for any length of time so the Windsport went on the market immediately. Bob took it to our local RV dealer to have the brakes checked and the owner of the dealership expressed his interest in purchasing the unit! SOLD!!!!  We said goodbye to Windsport on January 4th, expecting our new coach to arrive by mid-February.  Well, long story short, we didn't take delivery of our new 36G Winnebago Solei until March 19! I can't believe we went four months without a motorhome! Now, I can say that it was worth the wait!