Monday, November 7, 2016

Town Creek Campground, West Point, Mississippi

Our stop for several days was Town Creek Campground near West Point, Mississippi. When we arrived we found that the campground was scheduled to close one month it would only be open until the end of October. As usual, it was a very nice Corps of Engineer campground located on the Tombigbee Waterway.We were given a pull through double site since the operators weren't expecting many campers before the closing date.
 Not long after we pulled in the traffic started on the waterway...a tug heading north with eight barges and a yacht heading south!
 We used our time at this campground to do some geocaching and just enjoy the area. Our campsite afforded us a beautiful view of the Tombigbee.
 There were several trails to walk and we took advantage of them. This one is the small lake located in the day use area of the facility. The trail goes through the woods around the lake.
 On all of our walks we spotted armadillos rustling the leaves looking for bugs.
The campground was not far from Columbus AFB so we often heard pilots in training flying over the waterway. One day we drove to the base tried our had at bowling.  While there, we also checked out their small BX and commissary. We enjoyed our time at Town Creek, but it  was time to move on. Time was marching toward our appointment with Freightliner Ocala to get our new speedometer installed.