Wednesday, October 22, 2008

On the Way Home

Well, everyone is wondering: Just where are Bob and Joyce?

The answer is: Still on the road, but closer to home.

We enjoyed our time in El Paso and are glad that Bobby, Cathy, Christopher and DeAnna will be at our house for Christmas.

Right now we are at General Coffee State Park.

Need more information?

That is in Douglas, Georgia.

Jennifer, we love Dakota, but she better not be at our house without you!

We'll see you all soon!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Playgrounds and Bowling--September 29, 2008

Monday we took our time getting ready. Christopher and DeAnna colored in the big car.
Then we ate lunch and went to the bowling alley.

Christopher gave the ball a big push.... ..then watched to see how many pins fell.Then it was DeAnna's turn and she gave the ball a big push.
She watched to see how many her ball knocked down.
After bowling we went to the playground. We walked from the rv to the playground. It was only 2 blocks. Chris and DeAnna enjoyed the slides and the ladders on the playground.
Hmmm.... I wonder what we'll do tomorrow?

White Sands National Monument--September 28, 2008

Sunday morning we packed a picnic, put on our sand shoes and headed for White Sands. It was a long way to the top of the hill!
Christopher went down first.
Then it was DeAnna'a turn.
It was just as easy to slide down without the sled and maybe more fun!
After a morning of playing in the sand...... it was time to head down the hill to eat our lunch.
After lunch we played in the sand until it was time to head back to the big car.

We rested in the big car then we went to see the airplanes on display at the air force base. Christopher and DeAnna had fun running around all the planes. Look how big this one is!
Let's go find another one!
Christopher liked the stealth fighter. We were surprised to see one on display. DeAnna helped Grandpa read the sign by this plane.
I wonder what we'll do on Monday......

Playing at Alamogordo--Sept. 27

Saturday morning we said goodbye to Bobby and Cathy, then the fun started!

DeAnna held the grasshopper Chris caught.
Batman to the rescue! Alamogordo has the oldest and smallest accredited zoo in the southwest! Christopher liked watching the monkeys.
We had fun feeding the ducks.
The zoo had a playground that was fun!
Along the path there were stone animals. The buffalo was fun.
So was the deer.
Saturday afternoon we walked around the Air Force Base and found some more playgrounds. It was a fun filled day!