Monday, January 19, 2009

Here's the Scoop

Well, we made it home in October. It was good to be home and see Jennifer, Andy and of course Dakota--as well as neighbors and friends.

We had a lot to do at home to get ready for the big increase in our electric bill in January. We started by cleaning the attic--there is nothing in it now and the trash men had full trucks for several weeks. We found toys Christopher and DeAnna would enjoy so those were cleaned and put in the house. Someone came and sealed the ducts in the attic so we wouldn't lose any heat or cool air. Then we had someone blow new insulation in the attic as our insulation was 30 years old.

We painted the ceiling in the living room--it wasn't damaged, just water stained from Tropical Storm Fay. While the furniture was out so we could paint the ceiling we decided to paint the walls, too. As I worked in house, Bob emptied the garage, putting everything in the rv garage. Then he painted the floor with an epoxy paint. He hung the shelves on the wall and returned some things to the garage--it looks great!

We did a little yard work, just enough to get us by until we return home at the end of March.

Bob's parents and Bobby, Cathy, Christopher, and DeAnna arrived the Saturday before Christmas. This was the first year I had really decorated the house for Christmas in quite a while. Bob's parents stayed 2 nights. We took the others to Disney--Ft. Wilderness for Dec. 22-24. We arrived home Christmas day to see what Santa left for everyone. Jennifer and Andy cooked our Christmas breakfast---hmmmm is this the start of a new tradition? We had a great time visiting everyone.

During our time at home we started planning our next trip. We contacted our friends in Ft. Walton Beach to let them know we would be on the road the middle of January. They invited us to stop by. We put them on our itinerary.

We have a sketchy itinerary for January and the first week of February, but after that who knows what we'll do!

Here is what we're up to:

We left home early in the evening January 15 and spent the night in the Chiefland, Florida Wal-Mart. It was our first stay at a Wal-mart and it won't be our last. It was the perfect place to stop, sleep, then get back on the road. Friday and Saturday we were in Ft. Walton Beach with Ira and Mary. We met the garage gang and had a lot of fun. They tried to spoil us, and it worked!

We left Ft. Walton Beach Sunday morning to continue our trip to El Paso. We plan to be there for Bobby's promotion January 23.

From El Paso we will head to Tucson for a reunion with the people who use We met them in Quartzite last January and we're looking forward to seeing everyone again.

After the reunion February 3, we have no plans, but I know we will come up with something fun.

We'll keep you posted as our blog is up and running again. Our only problem is that we have gotten out of the habit of taking pictures! We'll try to change that soon.