Friday, May 29, 2009

Home Again, Home Again

Once we got home, we started catching up on work around the house. The pool was the first order of business as we had drained it before our big trip! It took about 2 weeks to get it refinished due to rain--can't redo a pool in the rain. After the new finished cured for a month (with water in the pool) we had a salt chlorinator installed. It should cut down on chemicals, but we have since found out it will need more acid! Oh, well, it is probably a wash.

Here are a couple of pictures of the spa and pool with the new finish--before water has been added.
And of course, here are the after pictures. The pool and spa have cured, the salt chlorinator is installed and the barracuda is running. We have been in a few times, but the afternoon thunderstorms have kept us out many days.
While the pool was curing, we couldn't resist a trip to Patrick AFB. We wanted to see the shuttle lift-off May 11. Our friends Ira and Mary also visited Patrick for the same reason. As always, we enjoyed our time together.
Their site overlooked the Banana River. As we were talking, the sun began its descent.
A blue heron was fishing near their site.
I had never seen a blue heron bend its head in quite this way, but it must have given it a better view of its dinner!
Here is a good view of our dinner--shish-ka-bobs made by Ira!Bob and I watched the shuttle launch from the beach at Patrick.
Bob and I spent two weeks at Patrick. Jennifer and Andy came down for a weekend and we all enjoyed Sunday brunch at the club.

When we returned home, the pool was ready and so was yard work. After being gone for so long, our yard needs lots of attention. Our neighbors told us that an owl has taken up residence in our back yard. Last night as we were returning from our evening walk, Bob and I spotted a gopher tortoise in the side yard and about 10 feet away was the owl! I went inside and got the camera. I wasn't surprised that the owl was gone when I returned, so I snapped a picture of the tortoise.
I had an eery feeling that I was being watched. I looked around and saw not one, but two owls watching me from the wall behind our bedroom! They kept a close eye on me as I snapped their picture.
We plan on being home until we go get Cathy and the kids in August. We will make some trips to Jacksonville, but we really do need to get our yard work done!