Friday, May 31, 2013

Home Again, Home Again, Let the Work Begin!

Once we got home it was time to do some heavy duty yard work. After a little thought we started small, with the side yard between the pool and the RV garage. We raked and weeded the area and got it back to normal.
 Then it was time to plant flowers to complete the side.
 Once the side yard was done, it was time to move to the front. It took much longer as we had to dethatch the grass and pull a lot of weeds. We worked on it every morning for 3 weeks. It finally started to look good.
We did take the time to get that geocache count over 4000. Of course, the RV was tucked into its home. I wonder how long it will stay there. I bet not as long as we had planned!
Yes, it is time to get on the road again. We have been home for 2 months and now we have the chance to spend the month of June with our grandkids, so off we go!

The End of the Trip--March 2013

From Turkey Fork Recreation Area we headed for Florida. We stopped at Rocky Bayou State Park near Niceville.  We used the park as our base to visit friends in Ft. Walton Beach and to do a little geocaching. As many of you know we wanted to find our 4000th cache before getting home. Our site at Rocky Bayou was on the corner near two walking trails.
 This was the view down one of the trails.
 The view from the boat ramp was peaceful the day we were there. We could imagine how busy the water could be on a sunny weekend.
 From Rocky Bayou we drove a short distance to Tyndall AFB. From Tyndall we went to Mexico Beach to do some geocaching. There is a cache hidden  near this canal, but we couldn't find it. Turns out we couldn't find it last time we visited the area either!
 We did find the cache near the beach.
After spending a week at Tyndall we headed home, eight caches short of our goal. Once again we had a great trip, but it was nice to be home--even if it was only for a short time.