Sunday, November 11, 2018

Moving South toward Las Vegas

Saturday was moving day. We packed Sol and started our drive out of Utah toward Nevada. The first night we stopped in Beaver, Utah, at a Passport America park. Beaver Canyon Campground had a restaurant on site--Maria's Cocina--which was small, but very popular. There were only about 12 tables in the restaurant. Many people came to pick up orders. Bob and I enjoyed the Mexican food for a change.  Unfortunately for anyone traveling there after October 28, the restaurant is closed for the season! While at the campground, I also did laundry--we were parked next to the laundromat!
The following morning we began our drive to Overton, Nevada....but wait, change of plans. Connie and Larry were going to meet us there, but after checking the weather, we all decided Nellis AFB was the place to be. We would have full hook-ups there and that meant we could run our ACs! The weather for the next few days was going to be in the upper 80s--a little warm to be boondocking!

Larry and Connie had been at Nellis for a few days when we arrived. We got a site next to them on a wagon wheel! We had our own private patio between our rigs!
We stayed in Vegas for a week, just enjoying ourselves. We took a few trips into town, but mostly we stayed away from the TRAFFIC!

Our first venture out and about was to Ethel M's Candy Factory in Henderson, Nevada.
Not only is Ethel M's famous for their candy, they also have a beautiful cactus garden outside the factory.
 There are some very unusual varieties in the garden. Yes, they are wrapped with Christmas lights that Penn & Teller lit November 6th--after we left, of course.
 From Ethel M's we continued our day of fun by visiting Bally's to play Twilight Zone Mini Golf.
 After a rousing game of mini golf under the black lights, it was on to Orleans to the Prime Rib Loft for Connie's birthday dinner. There were some interesting characters just inside the door!
We enjoyed our meal and we stopped to listen to some music on the way out---of course, there were always slot machines to help pass the time....just sayin'.

By the time we finished eating and listening to the band, it was time to  head back to Nellis. Once again, TRAFFIC was HORRIBLE!  I knew there was a reason I don't like to visit Vegas!

The rest of our time was spent doing chores--shopping, laundry, cleaning, etc.

On Friday, before our departure on Sunday, we all went to the movie to see Hunter Killer. It has been a long time since Bob and I went to a movie. We were surprised at the comfortable seats, and shocked at the prices for popcorn and sodas! We did, however, enjoy the movie!

In the evenings while we were at Nellis, the gals played Pegs and Jokers against the guys. As we continue our travels, I will update the score each time we are with Larry and Connie. Suffice it to say, the gals have a small lead. We will see what happens in Borrego Springs at Thanksgiving!

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