Monday, September 30, 2019

Elkhart, RVs, and on to Indianapolis

Connie and Larry left the casino about 2 minutes before us. We were all headed to Goshen, Indiana, for a stay at Elkhart County 4H Fairground. After we registered and found 2 spots close to each other, it was time to explore.
 We found out there was an  apple festival in Nappanee, about 15 miles south, so we headed out to investigate. We thought there would be everything apple, but no, it was more like a street fair with vendors selling jewelry, cosmetics, handmade towels, and other stuff.The cosmetic vendor made some of her wares with camels' milk and she had the camels to prove it. They were very photogenic. Connie said when they saw the camels, a train went by and they weren't so calm and photogenic then.
Only one tent was selling apple baked goods. Bob and I chose one apple dumpling with caramel sauce to split back at Sol. I have to say it was delicious.

While in the Elkhart area Bob and I wanted to find a few things for Sol. We spent a lot of time driving from one place to another looking for parts.

Another day we went to the RV Hall of Fame. There were a lot of interesting RVs in the museum.
After touring the museum, we wanted to have lunch and see  Downton Abbey. It was the first time we had been to a movie since we were with Connie and Larry in Las Vegas last fall! We a.ll enjoyed the movie and I can see the unfinished storylines as the next Downton Abbey movie!

Another excursion we went on with Connie and Larry was to Shipshewana, Indiana. It is an Amish town with lots of neat shops in which to browse. Not long after we arrived, Connie and I set out on our own, Bob and Larry went a different way. About 5 minutes later we got a call to meet them, they wanted lunch at Blue Gate Restaurant. The food was excellent! I had the best Reuben I have had in a very long time.  We continued shopping, finishing up at Yoder's Meat Shop. There were many different meats and cheeses to sample. We bought some bratwursts and cheese. It was a productive outing and I would not hesitate to return to Shipshewana.

On our last day in Goshen, we went to Bradd and Hall to check out captain's chairs. The one I ride in while we travel down the road is shredding where it shouldn't shred. We found one we liked, but it would take 4-6 weeks for it to get to Elkhart. We didn't know if we would need a new pedestal so we couldn't order it (plus we wouldn't be in the area when it arrived). Hmmmm, on to plan B.

After our stay in Goshen, it was time to say goodbye to Connie and Larry. We were heading to Indianapolis to visit a friend and they were headed to Camp Perry near Toledo.

The morning after we arrived at White River Campground near Cicero, Indiana, we met Pete and Susie for breakfast. Bob and I hadn't seen Pete since we lived in Schwabach, Germany, 34 years ago!
It was quite the reunion...they talked 'war' stories like you wouldn't believe. Susie and I were able to say a word or two occasionally.
 The next morning, Bob and I hiked the trail at the campground.This bridge leads to the trail.
 Sol is in the distance as viewed from the bridge.
Pete and Susie came to visit at the campground and brought some German items to share: Nuernberger brats, brotchen, and black forest cake! After hiking a portion of the trail again, we grilled hamburgers and had some of that deliciously wonderful cake.

That night we met Pete, Susie, and Matt (their 16 year old son) at a pizza place. Matt had lots of questions for Bob and Pete--mostly verification of army stories he had heard over the years.

The next day, we didn't get together until late in the day. It was time to cook those bratwursts and share more stories. And, yes, we ate some more of that cake!
 It was great to see Pete again and meet Susie and Matt. We hope we don't have to wait 34 more more years before our paths cross again!

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