Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Exploring Northern Oklahoma

 From Siloam Springs we headed west into Oklahoma. Our travel preferences take us on back roads, not interstates or toll roads. We drove west on US412 and then headed northwest on OK 88. This took us through Claremore, Ok. If you have never visited this town, it has a lot to offer. On previous visits we toured the Will Rogers Museum and the Davis Gun Museum which has much more than guns.

As we were driving toward our destination we passed a small town that claimed it was the birthplace of two celebrities: Anita Bryant and Clark Gable. It seems both were born in Barnsdall, Oklahoma.

We continued on to Osage Cove Park on Kaw Lake near Ponca City, Oklahoma. We would call it home for two days. Luckily we arrived at a slow time for the park so we had our choice of the 94 sites. We chose one overlooking the lake.

The first night we saw a portion of a beautiful sunset, but alas, there were too many clouds and they hid the red hues we could see in a few areas.
Tuesday morning, we drove over the dam and into Ponca City. For a small town, it has a lot to offer.
Of course, we stopped at the overlook on the west side of the dam. The dam, like Toad Suck Ferry, is on the Arkansas River.

 In Ponca City we toured the Marland Estate. It was built by E. W. Marland in the 1920s. It officially opened in 1928.

 There are many statues on the ground of family members.
 This is one small section of a ceiling painted by an Italian artist.
 E. W. and his second wife Lydie had an unusual love story. According to a newspaper clipping in the entrance of the house, Jennifer Lawrence is slated to play Lydie in an upcoming movie. After the main house was sold, E. W. and Lydie lived in this cottage which was originally the chauffeur's home.
 Also in Ponca City is L.A. Cann Memorial Gardens. Its a 10 acre garden which  was donated to the city by the Canns. Bob and I walked through the garden and of course found the geocache located in a nearby tree. This unusual plant and the bugs attracted our attention.
We sat on one of the benches and enjoyed all the plants and the sounds from the water feature.

 From the garden we drove a short distance to the Pioneer Woman Museum. The museum was closed, but we had already seen a portrait gallery in the Marland home of the recipients of the  Pioneer Woman Award.
On our way back to the campground we stopped on the east side of the dam to find a geocache. Yes, it was hidden in the rocks!
 The picture of the sunset Tuesday night is definitely misleading as the colors were not this deep. Tuesday night, there were no clouds in the sky to reflect the colors of the sun.
And so comes Wednesday morning and it is time to move westward once again. Watch out Fort Supply, here we come!


JIM said...

The cottage is cool! I'd love to have that many garages!

Bob & Joyce said...

But you have the use of a huge garage now!